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Do you grow your own in your garden? Foodshare is encouraging every kitchen gardener in the country to sow a few more seeds and grow some extra produce to support your local charity.

Here's a story which will inspire you to sign up to Foodshare:

Foodshare originally started on a Cambridgeshire village allotment as a solution to surplus fruit and veg often ended up as food waste. Heart-breaking for any grower! The allotment linked up with a local Hospice charity and provided all the surpluses to their kitchen.

The village became so inspired by the project, that Kitchen Gardeners started donating their surpluses too. Then the Primary school got involved. They create a "Foodshare Bed" and the children grew produce specifically for the Hospice. Inspired by this wonderful idea, residents started to do the same in their garden's either digging up a space for a Foodshare Bed or sowing a few more seeds to donated extra produce for he Hospice.

The children at the Hospice were now eating the freshest food they could have - local, seasonal, and from harvest to plate in less than twenty-four hours.

In 2010, Foodshare launched nationally to inspire kitchen gardeners to get growing for charities.


Simply sign up to Foodshare and either choose a local charity, or search the Foodshare Charity Map to see if a local charity has already registered.

If you would like to set up a Foodshare scheme on your area, and help co-ordinate a collection point for produce for other gardeners, we've put together a Foodshare Kitchen Gardener Guide to show you how easy it is!

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