In Your Workplace

Every lunch hour, thousands of people in companies across the land sit at their desk, mouse in one hand, sandwich in the other. They have good intentions to get up, go for a walk, get some fresh air, but that to-do list is calling. The lunch break flies by and before they know it is mid-afternoon, they feel lethargic and their head is throbbing.

Houston, we have a problem! Although we might be working longer hours and think we are more productive, the fact is that people who take an active lunch break (walking to the cafeteria doesn't count!) come back refreshed for the afternoon, and can be up to twice as productive and creative as a result.

Enter the Foodshare Lunchtime Club! It is a wonderful solution to getting fitter, healthier and more productive, as well as making your business a beacon of light within your local community. Simply identify a spare piece of land within or near workplace, create a Foodshare Bed and grow food for a local charity!

Get involved and make a difference in someone's life today. Remember, when you die, your inbox will still be full!

Click here for the Seven Simple Steps to starting your Foodshare Lunchtime Club and get the only known cure for Computer Butt Syndrome (CBS)!

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