Growing to Give – Schools

Hello! I am your Foodshare plant I’ve been grown from a tiny seed by children at your school and am looking forward to living with you.

I am a very special plant. Look after me and I will grow yummy food for you to donate to your school's noimiated Foodshare charity. During the holidays, please enjoy the produce with your family.

Can your class become the 2010 Harvest Heroes?

Here’s how it works... Whenever you have produce from your Foodshare plant to donate to your school's Foodshare charity, please bring it to your class. Your donation will be weighed and entered in the Foodshare Totaliser. The Totaliser will keep track of how much produce your class has donated.

The class who donates the most per pupil during the school year will be crowned the 2010 Harvest Heroes! We’ll also add up all donations from every class to see if your school is one of Foodshare’s National Harvest Heroes!

And it’s not just harvests from your Foodshare plant that you can donate. Why not try growing some other vegetables at home? You can also bring donations of any fresh produce that family, friends and neighbours have grown in their gardens or allotments.


How to love and nurture me

TOMATO (Variety: Gardener’s Delight)
Can you see my roots coming out of the bottom of the pot? When you do, please put me into a larger pot.

I don’t like the cold so keep me on a sunny windowsill until late May. Then take me outside during the day but bring me in before bedtime.

After a few days, I’m ready to live outside. You can plant me directly in the soil, a growbag, greenhouse or bigger pot. I love sheltered sunny spots and being tied to a support as I grow. Please pull weeds near me and water me daily. Droopy leaves means I am really thirsty.

Side shoots: Between the main stem and my branches, I have these funny little shoots that grow. You can carefully pinch these off as I don't need them. To be 100% sure, check out this picture so you know the ones I am talking about.

When I’ve got flowers on 5 or so branches (’trusses’), remove the tip of my main growing stem. I’ll then put all my energy into growing yummy fruits for you - maybe the best you have ever tasted!

SWEET PEPPER (Variety: California Wonder - bell-shaped capsicum)
Look after me like a tomato but don’t remove my side shoots. I’ll be a green pepper at first but will magically change to red if left to ripen.

Yummy Recipe Ideas to follow - watch this space!

Foodshare is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run project that relies on donations to run. Please help us grow by making an online donation to the project.

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