Foodshare Lunchtime Club

A Foodshare Lunchtime Club is not only a great way to support a local charity. It also improves the health, productivity, creativity and team spirit within your organisation.

How does it work?
Simple. Pick a local charity, find a spare piece of land and start growing food for them!

Setting up your Club - Seven Simple Steps (Download this Checklist)

1) Identify a piece of land within or near your organisation that may be suitable for creating a Foodshare growing area (as big or small as you like).

2) Put up “Health Warning” Computer Butt Syndrome poster around work to start building interest and awareness (Download).

3) Choose one or more charities that you would like to donate food to. Enter your post/zip code on the right to find your nearest Foodshare registered charity. Not one local to you? Call a local charity (e.g. care home, homeless shelter hospice etc) and sign them up to Foodshare.

4) Work out quick budget for your club. E.g. £10 for seeds, £10 for compost, £50 for tools, a donation to Foodshare (we recommend between £10 and £100 to help support the work we do in schools, organisations and charities). You can keep costs to a minimum by encouraging people to donate seeds and bringing their own tools to work.

5) Give approval letter (Download) to your boss / MD / CEO / HR and get management buy-in.

6) Put up Foodshare Lunchtime club sign-up posters around work and send out work emails.

7) Create your Foodshare Bed and get growing!!

When you start to harvest food, remember to record your produce in the Foodshare Totaliser on the site (coming soon) to keep track of how much your food donations are worth (in supermarket prices) and help us reach our £1m/$2m target.


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