Community Groups

Community Groups are an excellent way of creating a Foodshare team which assists the development and co-ordination of Foodshare within a region. We call it "Foodshare Neighbourhood".

There are many ways community groups can become involved in Foodshare:

Co-ordinate Foodshare in your Area

For Foodshare to flourish in towns, villages or part of a city, it helps if there is a co-orindating group which fulfills several roles:
  • Promote the scheme to charities and allotments to sign up and connect with each other.
  • Promote the scheme to the local media to encourage growers to join.
  • Look for opportunities to streamline food collections and deliveries within your area, and find volunteers to become "Hamper Santas" (people who check the Donation Station points and make regular food deliveries to charities).
  • Promote Foodshare to local schools.


Places of worship can run a local "Foodshare Neighbourhood" scheme as they are excellent centralised collection points (called "Donation Stations") for food donations.

All Saints' Church in Cambridgeshire started a successful Foodshare scheme in 2009. Parishoners signed up to become "Foodshare Reps" who promote Foodshare within their street (a great way to meet the neighbours) and act as a street collection point for food surpluses. Typically neighbours would drop off any surpluses on Friday/Saturday. The parishoner would bring the food to the Donation Station at the church each Sunday (basically a box/basket with this sign on)! The food is delivered on Sunday evening to the local Children's Hospice kitchen.

Sign up your community group or place of worship today.

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