BBC Interview with Global Foodshare Ambassador Dr Rowan Williams

Foodshare Ambassador - Rowan Williams Gardening at Milton Primary SchoolDr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, was announced as Foodshare's first Global Ambassador today. In the interview below he talks about the importance of Foodshare in today's world as well as two special trees to commemorate his visit to the first Foodshare School. You will also hear from Foodshare's wonderful patron Penney Poyzer. Click on the link button below to listen: Dr Rowan Williams, Interview excerpt: "I am delighted to be a Global Ambassador for Foodshare. The enthusiasm, the skill and the motivation of the young people involved with Foodshare has captured the imagination in a big way. Food doesn't just come off shelves, it requires work and it requires thought. Children involved in Foodshare learn about nutrition, they learn about the stresses people can be under because of food shortage and above all they learn the possibility of working for the good of other people."   To read more about coverage of Foodshare on the TV, Radio and in the Press, please take a look at Foodshare in the News.    

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