Ipswich School Foodshare Team Lead By Example

Congratulations to the Foodshare team of students at Ipswich school who have just received a grant from Ipswich Borough Council for their programme. (Click the image to see their wonderful t-shirts and Foodshare sign!) Ipswich School are an amazing example of how a school have taken the Foodshare project and made it their very own. Each year they have successfully built further on their success and continue to inspire students within the school, their thriving community, charities they support and most importantly other school looking to start their own Foodshare scheme. With the support of the Friends of Ipswich School, they are demonstrating what can be achieved when a team of focused and philanthropic individuals see what is possible. The team at Foodshare HQ take our hats off to their efforts and enthusiasm, and can't wait to hear more exciting news on the development of their programme. Well done everyone! Read more about their success here: http://friendsofipswichschool.com/2013/05/07/foodshare-team-receives-another-grant-for-expansion/

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