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You have probably read about Foodshare in the Volunteering section of your new "Together We Can" Book. We are delighted that you are ready to get your wellies on for Foodshare to help produce fresh produce to local charities as well as helping the environment. This special Foodshare Girlguiding section will give you lots of ideas for inspiring projects you can do. We'll keep updating it, so make sure you bookmark this page and visit often. To keep up with all the latest exciting Foodshare news, don't forget to visit our Foodshare Facebook group. Foodshare projects can be carried out by Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Seniors. Volunteering and starting your own Foodshare group is one of the most rewarding projects you can do as not only will you learn loads, but you'll also be helping people in need within your local community. So, before we get to our exciting Girlguiding Projects, here's a little more about Foodshare. WHAT IS FOODSHARE? Foodshare is charity that is passionate about growing food, caring for the environment, reducing waste and most importantly helping to feed people in need within your local community with fresh, yummy healthy food! We started out as a little idea in 2009 and have since grown and grown like Jack's beanstalk! Everyone is going Foodshare mad! There are now thousands of school children "Growing To Give" as well as many allotments around the world donating their surplus produce to feed homeless people, Children's Hospices, the elderly in Care Homes and many others. The world has gone Foodshare mad! Foodshare has been all over the TV and in the Media. You can find out more here. However there is still much more work to be done! And that's why we are excited to be working with you and your amazing Girlguiding organisation! So, let's talk about our great Girlguiding Foodshare projects:


The Girlguide Foodshare Bed

Do you have a spare piece of land where you meet which could be converted into a vegetable bed? Growing for Foodshare starts by planting one seed. You'll need to care for your bed, water it and picking the weeds regularly, but very soon you'll have some amazing vegetables which you can harvest. Donating Your Food Whilst you are growing your food, you'll need to think about a charity close to you to donate the food to. Make sure they have a kitchen and feed people as part of their charitable work. You can talk with the chef to organise a place to drop-off your food throughout the growing season. The closer the charity is, the better and if you can deliver your produce on foot you'll have grown food that has "zero carbon miles". That means your food has not used any of the earth's resource in transporting it, How amazing is that! Recording your Harvest Make sure you weight  and record everything you harvest. You can them let us know how much you have grown and we'll add it to the Foodshare Totaliser, telling you how much the food you have grown would have cost the charity to buy in the shops. It's just like a giving the charity a monetary donation but you have given them so much more - the healthiest local produce they will have ever tasted! Planning Ahead At the end of the harvest season, you need to close your Foodshare Bed for the winter, and start planning what you want to grow for next year. Ask parents and local allotment holders if they can keeps some seeds for you, or why not let some of your vegetables "go to seed" which means you can collect seeds for your next year's Foodshare project. Maybe you might want to extend your growing area for next year? Or plant a few small fruit trees? The sky is the limit! Celebrate Your Successes Don't forget to document your Foodshare project with lots of photos. Remember to make a Foodshare Photo Journal to document your success. Make sure to include photos of you: - Creating your bed - Sowing your seeds - Caring for your plants, - Showing off all the lovely food you've harvested! - You delivering the food to the charity - The meals prepared with your produce. Maybe you can even get to meet some of the people who will enjoy your food and learn about their life? Get permission to send them to us at Foodshare and you could get a big feature on Foodshare! We always love to hear your stories. COMING SOON...


The Foodshare Grow-Cook-Share Project



The Girlguide's Foodsahre Surplus Drive


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