Calling all Philanthropists – Join The Foodshare 50

A wonderful scheme,” Prince Charles “A fantastic idea!” Gardeners’ Question Time, Radio 4 Are you passionate about food growing and the environment? Do you believe that every child should have access to a growing space at school to learn how to grow and appreciate the real value food? Do you believe in nurturing the caring, sharing nature of children and developing a strong sense of community spirit and philanthropy from an early age? Would you like to join us in our vision for every school child in the country to grow food for a local charity, helping to  to potentially donate over £8.5m annually of fresh, local produce to those in need?


 Then you are one of the fifty essential people or organisations who could make this a reality. Foodshare is looking for fifty donations of £5,000 or over to continue to roll out our national Schools Programme called “Growing to Give”. To find out more about become one of the founding philanthropist members of the Foodshare 50, please contact us.

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