Penney Poyzer – Foodshare Patron

Penney Poyzer - Foodshare Patron

We are delighted to announce that Penney Poyzer has become Foodshare's first Patron. Penney was recently is voted as "100 Women That Have Changed The World” by the Independent. Penney is a Green writer and broadcaster, most well known as for the presenter of the hit BBC series “No Waste Like Home”. On accepting her patronage, Penney said: “Foodshare is bountiful and beautiful. The simple idea being that by sharing the food we grow, we can stretch time and money for others. Sharing the harvest is a benevolent act, it makes us feel good, it makes everything go further. Everything that is produced is used for the greatest benefit. From the planting of seeds, to the sharing of the harvest through to the magic of compost made from organic waste, it is possible to achieve a virtuous circle. I think Foodshare is very special, it is one of those ideas that helps to shape a new way of thinking, a more generous thought process that makes respect for our resources and each other, a way of life. “There is only one thing finer than harvesting your produce; it is sharing the harvest with others – after all, a party for one is no party at all!”

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